General data protection policy

Our general data protection policy

With this personal data protection Policy, Versusmind commits itself to implementing organisational and technical measures compliant with the applicable regulations. This Policy confirms Versusmind’s commitments during its day-to-day activities, particularly concerning the management of its websites.

Data recipients:

All personal data processed is intended for Versusmind, represented by its various staff and agents. As a minimum, the latter have undergone awareness training in the protection of personal data and all are covered by a confidentiality clause. Versusmind’s different service providers may use the personal data strictly necessary to the performance of their duties. In such cases, Versusmind will ensure that its service providers comply with the applicable regulations.

Principles applicable to the protection of personal data

Versusmind processes the personal data in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, including the “Informatique et Libertés” law of 6 January 1978 (the French data protection act) – modified among others by law number 2018-493 of 20 June 2018-, by the rulings issued by the CNIL (the French data protection authority) and the general data protection regulation no.2016/679, referred to as the “GDPR”, of 27 April 2016.


The processing of personal data is carried out in strict compliance with the regulations, i.e. all processing of personal data is conducted on an appropriate legal basis (including consent, the fulfilment of an obligation, or in Versusmind’s legitimate interests, such as business development or the security of property or people. This data is collected fairly; no data is collected without people’s knowledge and without them being informed of this.

In the case of the processing of personal data based on consent from a data subject when the latter is a natural person, it is hereby stipulated that the said data subject has the discretionary right to withdraw his consent for the stated end purpose(s), in compliance with the legal and statutory provisions.

Appropriateness, minimisation, and limitation:

The types and quantities of personal data processed are determined on a proportional basis in accordance with the determined end purposes. No data or other than that necessary will be processed.

Accuracy and Data retention:

The personal data processed is accurate and, if necessary, updated or modified in order to ensure that the latter remains appropriate vis-vis the processing it receives. The personal data is stored for a limited period which will not exceed the period necessary to the end of purposes for which it was collected. The data subjects will be notified of the storage periods, which vary according to the nature of the data, the end purpose of the processing or the legal or statutory requirements. Should no period be specified, Versusmind presents the criteria used to determine this retention period.

Processing of the personal data concerned:

Contact form (collection, internal transmission and storage of personal data) Downloading of documentation (collection, internal transmission and storage of personal data) Cookies (collection, internal and external transmission and storage of personal data) Recruitment (collection, internal and external transmission and storage of personal data)
Identity of the data controller Versusmind Versusmind Versusmind Versusmind
Data recipients Versusmind (France)
Zoho CRM (
Versusmind (France)
Zoho CRM (
SiteCore (Danemark)
Versusmind (France)
Zoho CRM (
  • Versusmind (France)
  • (Only those persons involved in the recruitment process)
  • Administrative authorities
  • Zoho CRM (
Principal end purposes
  • Creating and adding to a prospect database
  • Making it possible to contact the data subjects in the case of a request for information or a demonstration
  • Tracking persons having downloaded documentation
  • The statistical tracking of downloads
  • Creating and adding to a prospect database
  • Adapting the Website layout
  • Preparing statistics and visitor numbers for the website
  • Creating and managing an application
  • Creating an employee file if a candidate is hired
Legal basis Consent, Legitimate interests (business development) Consent, Legitimate interests (business development) Consent, Legitimate interests (business development) Consent, Employer’s Legitimate interests (optimisation of the interview process, assessing professional abilities)
Retention period 3 years (simplified standard no.48) 3 years (simplified standard no.48) 13 months maximum 2 years
Data collected
  • Civil status (Name)
  • Entreprise
  • Number of employees (to more easily determine the services to be provided)
  • Town
  • Email and telephone
  • Civil status (Name)
  • Entreprise
  • Number of employees (to more easily determine the services to be provided)
  • Professional field
  • Email
  • IP
  • Connection date and time
  • Browser type, browser language
  • Civil status (last name, first name, address)
  • CV (Experience, qualifications)
  • Email and telephone
  • Accompanying letter

End purposes:

The personal data is collected for precise objectives (principal end purposes) of which the data subjects are notified. This data may not be subsequently used in a manner incompatible with these end purposes.

Privacy / Data security

Technical and organisational protective measures are deployed, these being adapted to the nature of the data processed and the company’s activities, in order to guarantee the privacy and security of the data, and in particular to avoid any unauthorised access. Versusmind requires and checks that all subcontractors (pursuant to the meanings attributed to them in the regulations concerning personal data protection) provide appropriate guarantees to ensure the security and privacy of the personal data, particularly concerning collaboration in the event of a security-related incident.

The rights of the data subjects

Regarding the rights of data subjects, when the latter are natural persons concerned by the processing of personal data performed by it, Versusmind agrees to respect the rights accorded to these data subjects under the terms of the applicable regulations, including:

  • A right of access and a right to information; ; Versusmind takes all appropriate measures to provide clear, concise and transparent information to data subjects, concerning the processing of their personal data;
  • A right of rectification; in as far as possible and according to the end purposes of the processing, Versusmind ensures that all personal data is accurate and, in the case of inaccuracy, agrees to rectify any inaccuracies concerning the personal data upon request, within the legal deadlines;
  • A right to be forgotten; upon request from the data subject, Versusmind agrees to delete any personal data concerning him/her in compliance with the legal and statutory obligations;
  • A right to restrict processing; Versusmind agrees to comply with any request to limit the processing of a data subject’s personal data;
  • A right to data portability; Versusmind agrees to guarantee the portability of data subject’s personal data to another Data controller;
  • A right of opposition; Versusmind also agrees to respect the right of a natural person to oppose the processing of the personal data concerning him;
  • A right to determine the retention of personal data after death; Versusmind agrees to comply with the instructions given by a data subject concerning his personal data after his death, taking account of the applicable legislation;
  • The right not to be the subject of an individual automated decision; Versusmind agrees not to process personal data in such a way that a data subject is subject to an individual automated decision, including profiling, without obtaining his prior consent or without providing him with suitable information.

Exercising these rights

In compliance with the applicable regulations, Versusmind agrees to reply to all requests to exercise any of these rights from a data subject concerned by the processing of personal data performed by Versusmind, in accordance with the legal conditions and deadlines, following a request submitted in writing or by email, accompanied by a signed copy of an identity card bearing the applicant’s name (purely for identification purposes) submitted to the following addresses:

Versusmind, 30 ter rue Christian Pfister, 54000 Nancy

Referral to a supervisory authority:

Pursuant to the applicable regulations, any data subject concerned by the processing of personal data has a right to submit a complaint to a competent supervisory authority.

Updates to the General Data Protection Policy

Versusmind will ensure that this policy is updated regularly to take account of legislative and regulatory changes or any changes in its organisation or its proposed services. The applicable policy will be that in force on the date of connection to this website. Versusmind reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without notice, including for update purposes.


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