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By combining the skills of our different Sitecore, UI/UX Design, Microsoft and marketing divisions, we are able to see the bigger picture and to approach your projects in a more comprehensive way, managing them effectively using Agile methodologies. In doing so, we perfectly meet your needs by placing your clients at the very centre of your ecosystem. You are able to offer them an experience which is different to that of your competitors thanks to the personalisation of the proposed content, while at the same time monetising your contacts.

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Gartner report

The “Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)”report from places Sitecore among the leaders.

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Sitecore is a dedicated Customer eXperience Platform, (CXP)

Their different interactions with your brand, your products and services all help shape the Experience of your customers (B2B) and consumers(B2B).

The contextual marketing used with Sitecore lets you address your market “seamlessly”. You are therefore able to offer a multi- and cross-channel experience adapted to everyone, everywhere, whether mobile or otherwise, whatever the equipment used.

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A 360 ° customer experience platform, online but also off-line

At the heart of Sitecore lies its “experience database” which includes all of a client’s interactions with a brand. This information may be derived from a website, a smartphone application but also a digital terminal at a show or exhibition, or from the social networks. And as loyalty building is a key objective for any brand, it’s vital to maintain a dynamic relationship, even offline.

It is the clients who decide which channels they prefer to use to obtain information, to choose products, to make a purchase or simply to chat with your brand. Do your clients prefer to engage via the social networks or receive emails? You may have contacted your prospects via a call centre, but it’s from the website that your clients obtain information about your products.

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Provide a better experience for your clients with Sitecore

With Sitecore, you use knowledge of your clients’ previous behaviour to satisfy their current needs and to offer them a unique and appropriate tailored experience.

To enhance each client’s experience, Sitecore analyses relevant data to make it easier for clients to find what they’re looking for.

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