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Versusmind, a Sitecore partner and integrator

Our agency uses Agile methodologies for the performance of Sitecore projects in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany.

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We support you during your digital transition

In order to be able to meet ever more demanding requirements in a competitive market, Versusmind can support you during your digital transition and with the deployment of innovative solutions. Sitecore will enable your clients to connect more easily and to develop loyalty to your brand through the personalisation of each of their experiences.

We propose a four-stage digital transition.

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The Sitecore team

Our team of certified consultants will support you during the integration of Sitecore by combining marketing and technical skills to guarantee a unique experience for your clients.

This is a fast-growing team comprised of 12 people of whom 7 are certified Sitecore Technical and 1 is certified Sitecore Marketing. In view of the current outlook, we foresee a major wave of recruitments of extremely well-qualified staff in order to double the size of the agency’s Sitecore division by the end of 2020.

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An agency with highly committed consultants

Our team of consultants are keen to continuously improve the skills of the Sitecore division from both a marketing and technical viewpoint. With this in mind, they decided to organise a hackathon dedicated exclusively to Sitecore from 18 May at 7 PM until 19 May at 5 PM.

The objectives of this project were as follows:

  • To involve the whole Sitecore division in a concrete project
  • To achieve cohesion and emulation over a short period
  • To present Sitecore to those at Versusmind keen to learn more about it and to integrate people who know little or nothing about the project
  • To finish with a redesign of the Versusinstitute’s PHP site.

Divided into 2 marketing and development teams, the 13 participants had an opportunity to identify, adapt to and overcome the obstacles generated by a project of this scale. The experience was definitely a useful one and the team are keen to organise another shortly.

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Versusmind is the initiator behind the creation of the Sitecore User Group France. Firmly convinced that we have everything to gain through dialogue and sharing, Versusmind invites you to join the SUG in order to: share knowledge and resources, provide feedback, pool experience and participate in discussion and working groups and in quarterly meetings.

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