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Personalization with Sitecore

Customize your content for each user with Sitecore and VersusXperience expertise.

1 - Personalization with Sitecore


The blue areas represent the locations that will identify the interests of Internet users. These Zones are personalized according to the first information collected:

  • Localization (GeoIP) to know if the site has to be presented in French or in English.
  • Gender interest (male or female) according to the words typed on a search engine

Sitecore makes it possible to prepare the profiling of the consumers according to their kind, the range,... Each piece of content can be customized and adapt to their journey and interests.

1 - Header

The header will present the same content (Teaser title + illustration sentence + button to see the presentation video of the site). The CSS (Fonts + colors) and the background image will be part of the customization.

2 - Menu

The brand menu will import brands related to the gender: Women's Brands or Men's Brands. Only the first button will be common to both customizations and will be marked "Top trendy". The results of the TOP TRENDY presentation page will be brands adapted as the personalization of the Home Page.

3 - Buttons

The three buttons / range selection images are also customized. In both cases, however, they carry the same mentions: Trend, Private Sale and Carré chic.

2 - Identification et path personalization

Step 1

In this first step, the visitor is unknown. But Sitecore started to present custom screens based on demand in the search engine.

It’s a woman (95 %)
or it's a man who wants to make a gift.

It’s a man (75%)
or a woman buying shoes for her man.

Step 2

A Page opens with a list
of products matching with the home page

A Page opens with a list
of products matching with the home page

According to the choices, made we know:

  • If the shoes the internaut is looking for are for men or women,
  • If the consumer is looking for a specific brand, or if he/she wants to follow the latest trend
  • ,
  • If the consumer wants fashionable shoes, at a good price or distinguish himself/herself by its elegance.

The following pages of this website may collect other information to best personalize the presentation of shoes, or Stylishoes services to each internet user.

In addition, by connecting the first service rendered will be the memorization of likings (purchased items) and preferences (preferred items) of the customer.


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