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Versusmind’s Sitecore expertise

Our team of certified consultants will bring you their invaluable technical vision to help you reach your marketing objectives.

Designing a Sitecore website

Physical and Logical Architecture
  • Sitecore architecture: Selecting the configuration of instances to be managed
  • Installation and configuration: Launching the instance on the chosen environments
  • Logical skeleton framework: Laying the website’s logical foundations
Development is a key aspect of the application
  • Conversion of engagement paths: Creation of the website’s pages and basic features
  • Dynamic content management: Development of dynamic content usable by Sitecore
  • Performance optimisation: Setting up indexes, buckets and miscellaneous requests
The dual aspects of Engagement / Value maximisation
  • KPI integration: Application of goals, profiles and personas
  • Statistical feedback: Adjustment of the statistical indicators used
  • Daily use: Introduction of workflows, test processes, contribution profiles, etc...
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Versusmind’s technical expertise

  • Deployment of Sitecore 9 and maintenance on earlier versions
  • Installation of Sitecore eXperience Accelerator (SXA) 1.7 and earlier
  • Support and advice in the creation of personalised components throughout the project lifetime
  • Extensive experience with the eXperience Platform (XP), eXperience Manager (XM) and Experience Cloud (EC) modules
  • Creation of a solution compliant with Helix best practices
  • Managing multi-site and multilingual content within Sitecore
  • Integration of graphical charters and themes
  • Development work compatible with EDPR standards
  • Creation and monitoring of the Continuous Integration process
  • Taking account of and ensuring synchronisation with other aspects of the IT system (Google Analytics, Eloqua, Magento, various databases, external ERP solutions, etc..) thanks to XConnect. The synchronisation of user accounts to social networking accounts
  • Data storage, version management and development tracking thanks to GIT and VSTS
  • Production and deployment in adapted technical environments
  • Handling anomalies and post-project requests as part of a Third-party Application Maintenance process
  • Sitecore Commerce
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Your website ready and operational, running under Sitecore

If you’re looking to give your clients a unique and particularly relevant experience, take advantage of Versusmind’s expertise, to support you with the development of your website running under Sitecore.

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