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Each eXperience is unique, as each of your client is

The shortest path between two points is a straight line. To increase your sales, you need to shorten the time between the first visit and an act of consumption.

The solution is to generate an experience which enables your clients to discover your brand and your sales proposals in a unique way.

Demonstrating your service quality to your clients firstly means addressing them based on the information you have received by listening to them. Which content have they read? Which links did they click? Which aspects generated no interaction from them? What did they want to download? And when? On which hardware?

The answers to all of these questions are provided by your clients themselves. And these answers tell you all you need to know in order to propose a positive and satisfying brand experience for your clients.

Personalization with Sitecore
marketing sitecore monetising

Monetising your customer relationships

The different interactions with your brand, your products and services all help shape the experience of your customers (B2B) and consumers (B2B).

Sitecore’s marketing automation is combined with a real-time analysis of interactions with visitors to your website or any other media (interactive terminals, etc.). An effective way to fine-tune marketing responses to your clients’ interests. Simply by drag & drop!

roi sitecore marketing

13 factors for ROI


Multiple channels

An integrated platform connecting to numerous channels: web, email, social, mobile, print, POS, etc., which eliminates the risk of finding yourself with a pile of unconnected marketing technology and separate data silos.


A high performance CMS

A CMS using cutting-edge technology enabling content publishers to create and design their own webpages and websites independently, with no need to involve the IT department.


Tailored components

A library of reusable components created by Versusmind, enabling the marketing departments to develop a coherent brand image. The benefit lies in a shorter time to market, a quick way to achieve savings in both time and money.


Data concentrator

A centralised data concentrator for content, resources and information concerning your products. The same resources for several channels. For example your website content can be reused for your mobile application with a different man-machine interface.


A unique view of the client

Each session on the website is tracked. Each visitor profile is continually enhanced with new information (declared and non-declared). This enables marketers to segment and target known and unknown visitors according to their product interests, engagement value, life-cycle stage, entry channel and campaigns, etc.


A/B tests

The same database enables marketing specialists to optimise the user experience by introducing A/B tests and personalisation rules, resulting in high conversion rates and better contextual experiences.


Messaging platform

A built-in messaging platform enabling you to send personalised emails.


Form module

A "drag & drop" form module for marketers to maximise autonomy.


Automation module

A marketing automation module making it possible to create your own flows by reducing manual or repetitive work


Easy integration

A platform which natively integrates with other solutions available in the market (Salesforce CRM, MS Dynamics 365, etc.) or to exchange information via a series of APIs using xConnect.


Reporting environment

A powerful reporting environment enabling marketers to understand the “Who” aspect, interacting with the brand and the “How”, the visitors using the interfaces provided. The path analyser detects successful routes and the most profitable ones, etc. Having this information about your visitors is crucial to take decisions based on this data and to optimise your website on an ongoing basis.


Linked applications

You may decide to purchase a CMS and to select a lot of other marketing tools, but you must take account of the fact that the integration will require much more time, resources, personalised development work and separate licenses. Or, you can decide to use Sitecore, a CXP (a customer experience platform containing all the tools you need and benefiting from the cross-referencing of the data generated by these tools).



Whether in store or on the Internet, your client must have a single experience of your brand. Sitecore makes it possible to create a “seamless” relationship, whether in an online customer area, on a mobile application or in your stores. Loyalty building is no longer just an objective, your brand is now part of your clients’ daily lives.


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